Quick Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

Do you want to conserve energy in your home? If so, follow the tips below (also at http://furnace-repair-toronto.ca) and begin contributing to the environment while drastically reducing the cost of your energy bills.

Consider Having Your Bill Spread Out

Is your energy bill fairly low until those colder months arrive? As soon as it gets cold outside, you are getting stuck with a major expense. You can avoid that problem by requesting to have the amount spread out throughout the year.

Properly Maintain Your Furnace

Did you know a dirty furnace can waste more energy? If some dust and … continue reading

AC Tips and Power Saving Techniques

The truth of the matter is that buying a bigger room air conditioner will not make you comfortable during the hottest months of the year. In a matter of facts, having a big AC in your small sized room will not perform efficiently or effectively compared to a smaller sized AC. The reason for this is that, a big AC will cool the room to your thermostat set position before dehumidification occurs http://air-conditioning-toronto.ca/. This will make the area feel uncomfortable as well as feeling clammy. Therefore, the central air conditioner has to be of the right size in relation … continue reading

4 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are built to last for many years, but you can extend its lifespan with routine, preventative maintenance. The following information http://air-conditioning-calgary.ca will help your gas furnace run more efficiently for longer, while limiting expensive repairs in the future.

1) Be safe about furnace maintenance

Before you do any maintenance on your gas furnace, make sure you have safe working conditions. If the repair is more complicated than replacing the filter, turn off the power to your system. You can turn off the power by tripping the circuit running to the system. Additionally, if you smell gas, never fix … continue reading

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Portable Air Conditioners

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Portable Air Conditioners

We all need an air conditioner when the heat of summer starts to warm us and our homes. And one type of air conditioner that one homeowner can consider is a portable air conditioner. However, before you make that purchase, there are things (also see http://furnace-repair-edmonton.ca)  that you will need to consider.

The capacity of a portable air conditioner to cool is based on its BTU or British Thermal Unit.  Now the question is what’s the BTU of the unit that you need to cool your space?  In determining the BTU … continue reading

Things to Know Before Purchasing a New Furnace

A home heating system is your best defense against the cold season, and a defense is only as great as what you know when you installed it.  This is what this article (also see http://www.calgary-plumbers.co) is all about – to help you know the right information that will allow you to have the best heating system.

Do not forget that the size, efficiency, type and other characteristics don’t impact the price only, it is also a great impact on the comfort it can provide and the length of service it will offer.

You should always go for the furnace … continue reading

The Best HVAC Air Filter

Improve indoor air quality and overall home comfort by using the best HVAC air filter for your system. Why is it vital to look after your home’s indoor air quality, among others? The reason it is important is because these common indoor air contaminants (stated here http://www.plumbers-edmonton.ca/) are among the top five health risks in our environment as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency. Tighter homes and better home insulation all contribute to the declining quality of indoor air. Even if these modern home improvements put an end to drafts and help homeowners save money by reducing monthly energy … continue reading

Gas Furnace Ratings Exposed

Find out what a gas furnace rating means and its implications on energy usage.

When looking for a new home heating system, keep in mind to factor in gas furnace ratings in your choices. You’ll know how much energy a particular furnace consumes by familiarizing yourself with these ratings (check http://air-conditioning-edmonton.ca). High gas furnace ratings indicate that a furnace can provide more warmth from the amount of energy it used.

It is also advised to consider fuel costs when heating your home. Among the most efficient systems are electric furnaces. However, high electricity costs do not make it the … continue reading